EkoPro™ Makes Echo Reporting A Piece Of Cake

EkoPro interfaces with the echo machines and brings to you all the images and measurements taken

Product Features

EkoPro™ is a comprehensive echocardiography software that easily documents echo studies and facilitate generating impressive study reports with minimal effort and time.

  • Automatic import of data and DICOM images from Echo Equipment with complete support of Echo SR DICOM standards.
  • EkoPro™ supports unprecedented customization. You can easily set the system to fit your own needs whatever they are!
  • Automatic reference of patient history, last known risk factors and prior lab studies in the generated study report.
  • Complete integration with VascuPro to provide a single database of cardiovascular studies.
  • Auto-population of ICAEL calculated fields. Simply click on a single button and EkoPro™ will export your data to ICAEL installed application. This feature requires purchasing ICAEL accreditation kit from ICAEL.
  • Real time synchronization with EMR systems via HL7 interface. Supports ADT/ordering and outbound interfaces. Once a study report is signed, it is automatically published on the EMR.
  • Advanced DICOM Image management that supports slide show, single and multi-frame images, waveform, stress testing protocols, image achieving, exporting study images to CD/DVD, embedding images in study reports and interface with PACS systems.
  • Access study data and images over the web from anywhere!
  • For ultimate performance, security, HIPAA compliance, instant scalability and robustness EkoPro™ is Microsoft SQL server based.
  • For complete demonstration of EkoPro™ capability, please schedule a web conference to see EkoPro™ in action.

Technical Specifications:

  • EkoPro™ is a true client server application utilizing Microsoft SQL Server as database engine. Thus EkoPro™ scales from a small single-technologist echocardiography lab to a huge multiple sites enterprise system. EkoPro™ utilizes SQL server 2000 or SQL server 2005.
  • EkoPro™ can be accessed over the web, the web version is essentially the same as desktop version. No EkoPro™ client installation is required.
  • For less than 10 concurrent users EkoPro™ does not require a dedicated hardware server. For 10 or more concurrent users a dedicated server improves the performance.
  • The server Spaces include:
    CPU Dual Xeon processors
    4 Gigabytes RAM
    1 Gigabyte per each 50,000 lab studies data.
    For image storage consider the following:
    Image size range between 100 KB and 3 Megabytes based upon the resolution and number of frames.
    Multiply by the number of images per study
    Multiply the result by the total number of studies per year to get how much disk space you need per year.
    Allow 20% more space than needed.
  • The server operating system: Windows 2000 server or Windows 2003 server.
  • The workstation specs include:
    If image viewing is planned then 19 Inch monitor with 700:1 contrast ratio and Pixel Response Time < 15 (milliseconds)
    P IV processor 2 GHz or higher
    512 Megabytes RAM
    200 Megabytes disk space
  • LAN 100 Megabytes or faster with TCP/IP